Chapter 3


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The National Pollinator Strategy

The Strategy proposes specific goals for consolidating information on pollinator diversity and its relationship with the environment in order to guarantee ecosystem services offered by pollinators


Biodiversity in Decision Making

International obligations regarding biodiversity require an effective consensus between national development proposals. The Colombian Government is expected to conciliate the goals of a sustainable national model with sectorial policies and also to assume the notion of biodiversity as the support of social and economic development


Protected Areas: Trends, Networks, and Governance

Colombia is close to fulfilling its international commitments related to the management of protected areas with a growing system of protected areas that should be strengthened to appropriately handle economic, social, and environmental challenges in the following decades


Beyond Protected Areas

In addition to protected areas, other complementary conservation measures exist. They may also be effective and thus should be acknowledged and managed to guarantee their appropriate functioning in the territory.


The Protection of Paramos: Estrategias públicas y comunitarias

There are numerous strategies for protecting paramos. Although not all of them are acknowledged by the Colombian State, their role in ensuring the population's well-being and conserving biodiversity is crucial


Large Scale Connectivity as a Key Tool for Conservation in Colombia

Biological corridors, such as the "jaguar corridor" and the "path of the anacondas", connect areas of natural systems and are essential to guarantee the protection of biodiversity and the supply of ecosystem services.


Legal Instruments for the Protection of the Paramos

The temporal sequence of regulations related to paramo ecosystems may be divided into five phases. These phases have significant differences between the objectives and legal and technical instruments proposed for the implementation of territorial policies and its relationship to the academic sector, in addition to scientific production


Ecological Restoration

In recent years ecological restoration has gained both national and international renown as a complementary strategy for conservation. Although Colombia has gained expertise from initial attempts, many challenges must yet be overcome


Cattle Raising Landscapes

If different cattle raising models are adjusted to the particular characteristics of each ecosystem and additionally contemplate the relations between landscape components, bovine cattle raising could be favorable for the management of biodiversity